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Enter the budget for a pre-campaign event

  1. Click on Church List under the Church section on your main menu.
  2. Click the popup menu icon next to the particular church and select Pre-campaign Events. In case no events have been set up for this church before you will need to first create an Outreach Leadership Team by completing the displayed form and click OK. Eventually you will see any existing pre-campaign events.
  3. Click the popup menu icon to the left of the pre-campaign event and click Edit event budget.
  4. You now see a page with expense items in the bottom, and income items in the bottom. For both there are some fixed items, but you can also add you own line items (by clicking Add row) if needed and write a description. Besides the budget figure, it's possible to also enter the actual cost once that is known.
  5. Fill in the fields and click the Save button.