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Get report with passwords for all pastors

  1. Click Pastors' passwords under the Reports section on your main menu.
  2. Click the little printer icon in the very bottom of the page to print it out.
  3. You can also send out an e-mail to all the pastors with their user name and password.
    1. In the bottom of the page you will see a section where you can do this. The system generates a prewritten e-mail explaining the login system and giving the user name and passwords for the pastors.
    2. Notice that all the pastors listed above the e-mail will receive it. Currently you cannot only send it to a selected group of pastors.
    3. Change sender name, address, and subject if needed.
    4. Click Send to all pastors to send your e-mail.
    5. Wait for the status message to see if the e-mails were sent successfully. (The system does not do any kind of logging of the e-mails having been sent)


  1. Click on Church List under the Churches section on the main menu
  2. Click Show pastor passwords.
  3. The passwords for the pastors will be displayed under their information in the pastors colum.