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Load and run the presentations in the Pastor Training Material

  1. DVD number 1 contains the installer to load all the PowerPoint presentations on your IBM type notebook computer. Just load the DVD in your CD/DVD drive and the installer should start automatically. If it does not start, explore the contents of the disk and run the Setup.exe file to install the PowerPoint programs and any video clips used in the presentations.
  2. Presentation Synchronizer must also be loaded on your computer. Run it's install program to install the software program.
  3. Once the installer has loaded the files on your computer and Presentation Synchronizer has been installed on your computer you are ready to run the presentations.
  4. Start the program by double clicking the Presentation Synchronizer Icon on your computer desktop.
  5. When Presentation Synchronizer starts you will see the window with several options. The first option window is to select the presentation series you want to use. For this series choose Pastor's Training Series from the pull-down list.
  6. The next window is for the notes and the selection chosen automatically should be Pastor’s Training Series-Notes.
  7. The third window down is to choose the topic you want to present or edit. Choose the correct one.
  8. Next choose the button to Start or to Edit the selected program.
  9. If you are presenting the presentation be sure your projector is connected and that the Two Monitors box is checked so that the audience presentation will show on the video projector.