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Transfer the applications to the website

After returning to a location where Internet access is available, each computer used to register applicants must be connected to the Internet and the data exported to the ShareHim database for processing.

There are two methods of getting the registered applications uploaded to the website. If you can get the computer to a place where you can get it connected to the Internet, that is by far the best and the easiest way of doing it. If that's not possible, you can export all the applications to a file, bring that with you to a place where you can get online and upload it to the website. Follow one of the two methods described below.

Upload directly to website (online method)

  1. Click the Administration button on the main page.
  2. Under the Export section click Website (online method). The password required for this you can find on the Satellite download page on the website (here). Clicking OK will start the upload. Then wait until it either tells you all applications have been uploaded successfully, or it gives you some other instruction.
  3. When completed it should say "0 applications registered".

Export to file for later upload to website (offline method)

  1. Click the Administration button on the main screen. Under the Export section, click the File (offline method) button. It will ask you in which folder you wish to save the file, and the exported filename will be "satellite_export" followed by a date/time stamp and an optional suffix you can specify if you want to mark an export with something you can recognize. For example: satellite_export_20090324_151102_843_Arizona.json ("Arizona" being the optional suffix)
  2. The file you can put on a USB stick or somehow take it to a computer that is online.
  3. Login to the ShareHim website.
  4. Click Satellite (offline application). For pastors you need to click the More link to get to the appropriate section.
  5. In the section "2. After the boot camp" you can upload and import the file into the system.
  6. When the file has been uploaded to the website, you will see the records/applicants that need to be imported. Check that the data looks okay, eg. delete duplicate applications if there are any.
  7. Then click Import selected records to finalize the import. The applicants will now be imported into the system and the application process will be started.