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ShareHim welcomes you to the first edition of Evangeliving: News and Networking for Outreach Leadership Teams. This newsletter will give you ideas and inspiration as you continue your efforts to evangelize the world for Christ.  Though this newsletter is primarily a resource for those involved in Outreach Leadership Teams in the homeland, we believe that the materials included will be a blessing to all who have a passion to share Him in their daily lives.  Please contact us at with any news or hints or testimonies that you have experienced, so that others can be inspired by what you are doing to share Him in your communities.
Evangeliving - Getting Serious About Our Mission!
The core mission of the church is to be the instrument of God to reach the lost with the hope and peace of the Gospel of Christ.  That, in a nutshell, is what evangelism is all about.  Every member of the Body of Christ - His Church - is therefore called to live a life that is responsive to this mission.  At ShareHim we call this "Evangeliving!" (This term is borrowed from the Inter-American Division).
In the homeland, ShareHim has been promoting this kind of life-style-centered evangelism.  At the heart of this initiative is the formation of local church, lay-led and Pastor supported Outreach Leadership Teams.  We praise the Lord that though the going is tough, hundreds of these teams have been formed.  These teams exist to provide a supporting community that encourages an ongoing cycle of evangelism which includes, sowing, reaping and discipleship.
We are happy to tell you that in this year alone over 600 such reaping events will take place.  This means that lay men and women are seeking to actively get involved in sharing the Three Angel's Message with their communities.  Please pray for all these teams as they move ahead in faith knowing that the promise of God is true - He will not leave us nor forsake us, even unto the end of the age.
Robert Folkenberg Jr. 
Assistant Director 


THE IDEAS:An Amazing Response

Our church, the Omak Seventh day Adventist church (located in Washington with a membership of approximately 120) was just like every other church in North America.  We wanted to do evangelism, but how?  Nothing was successful.  But, in June of 2008 the idea came.  Why don't we go to them!  What are the needs of the community?  So, our Pastor, Jeff Crain, revised a health survey and eight of us went door to door conducting this survey.  Over time, more and more of our members are participating in giving the survey, including the youth.
The Lord has truly blessed our church in doing this evangelistic outreach. We are getting to know our community, and many times we have an opportunity to pray with individuals right on their doorstep. We have connected with 60 people who want Bible Studies and other classes. 30-40 are interested in Depression Seminars, Money Management and Stress Management Classes. Amazingly, our biggest response has been with a Nutritional Cooking Class.  We have over 100 people interested.
We would have never found these interests had we not taken the time to go to them and mingle, discover their needs and be their friend.
We have been changed from inside-out.  Any church can do this and every member can be involved.  If you or church are looking to be changed and get involved in evangelism that is rewarding, easy and fun, then door to door surveying is the way to go. May God truly be praised as each one reaches one.
The Omak Seventh day Adventist Church
Upper Columbia Conference 
For a copy of the survey, please click on this link: Community Health Survey

There Is No Limit

Though you can hardly shut me up when I'm in a small group talking about Jesus, I tremble when I'm in front of people and can hardly get words out of my mouth.  So, can you believe that I actually preached an entire ShareHim campaign?

Just before I committed to preaching this campaign, the Lord said to me, "There is no limit to the usefulness of one, who putting self aside makes room for the Holy Spirit and lives a life wholly consecrated to His service".  These words were on my mind when I accepted the invitation to speak for the ShareHim meetings.  I had turned from my fears and was now looking to the Lord.

As I prepared my sermons so that I could clearly present them within a certain timeframe, I was confident that the Holy Spirit was with me.   The Lord blessed my preparation time and even lightened my responsibilities at work so I could focus on my campaign!  I know that HE was in charge.

Before the meeting the first Sabbath, I was sitting in my car reviewing my sermon when the Lord asked me to get out and invite people.  One lady I invited came to the meetings almost every night and now she is taking Bible studies. Twenty to thirty people came most nights - and there were even nine young men who nightly listened at a window.

I am thankful that the Lord gave me this opportunity to preach His word and yes, I would love to do it again.  One precious soul was baptized and what a blessing to know that even now the Holy Spirit is working on the hearts of several other interests from our campaign.
Sharon Gibbons
Bermuda Conference 

THE TEAM:Preaching in the Homeland

My first campaign was in El Salvador at the age of 12.  The next summer I preached my second campaign in Tanzania.  It was not only an awesome experience but a true blessing to be able to preach.  When I came home I had this burning inside of me to tell people about God right here at home.

I was excited when the Earliteen Sabbath-school at our church set up an Outreach Leadership Team.  In fact, we were one of 7 teams to start at our church. For 6 months we focused on developing friendships with non-Adventists.  We prayed for them and went out of our way to socialize with them.  Then, in April of this year we had evangelistic meetings at our church which were conducted by youth.  Yes, the youth did all the preaching and I was one of the 4 to preach.

One family with 3 daughters that we had been praying for and getting to know came regularly to our meetings. It was amazing to see God work. And in the end, their whole family was baptized. God showed me that anyone, anywhere can do this. All we need to do is ask for God's help.
Randy, 14 years old 
Georgia-Cumberland Conference 
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions. We are always happy to hear how we can better serve you. 
 The ShareHim Team 
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