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LAY EVANGELISM FESTVAL: Our third annual Lay Evangelism Festival is just around the corner and will be held this year at Atlantic Union College, April 9-11. In addition to being inspired by Mark Finley, Robert Folkenberg Jr. and Derek Morris, we will be blessed by numerous testimonials and seminars. Click here for FREE registration and more information about this Lay Evangelism Festival.  

Sermon Handouts: Just In case you didn’t know, we have handouts in English and Spanish on our website designed to be distributed at the close of each evangelistic presentation. These sermon handouts  contain the key concepts and texts and make it easy for anyone to go home and review what they have learned.  

ShareHim Team: Bob Folkenberg Jr. (previous Assistant Director of ShareHim) has accepted a call to be the President of the Upper Columbia Conference and began serving there mid-March. Though we will miss him, we know that his focus remains, as does ours, on hastening the soon-coming of our Lord’s return through the involvement of each and every member of our church. Bob Jr. and his wife, Audrey, will still co-host the ShareHim TV Newsmagazine and Audrey will continue serving as a member of the ShareHim Team.

Homeland Campaigns: Starting last December, ShareHim began searching for ways to make Homeland lay and pastoral evangelistic activities easier to initiate and more productive. Our objective is to serve every person or group who wants to prepare for and preach an effective campaign.  Therefore, we are reworking and simplifying areas of our website to interface directly with conferences and pastors so that the training and approval of speakers can be expedited.  We will offer instruction on how to use the “new” website during the Lay Evangelism Festival.   Also, since it is difficult for some to attend our speaker-training “Boot Camp” weekends, we plan to offer equivalent training on our website and intend to have this resource available to you later this year.  Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.
Advent Report Encourages use of Media 
Television evangelism has proven to be very effective in opening doors that might otherwise remain shut. Yet, high quality television broadcasts linked with local promotions and invitations are even more powerful. Recurring broadcasts (usually weekly) can build a database of interested viewers favorable to a personal visit by you.

Have you considered placing quality Seventh-day Adventist programming on your local cable TV public access channel?  There is NO CHARGE to obtain Seventh-day Adventist programs from the Adventist Media Center and there is NO CHARGE from your local cable TV company.

Your program must be modified, though unfortunately, the equipment and software necessary to modify the program format may not fit your budget. To eliminate the need for a substantial investment, Advent Report, featured in our Sowing Resouce Catalog, offers an inexpensive service that will fit your programs to the desired format required by your local cable TV company and insert any desired local promotions. Local promotions can include book offers and announcements of local events. You can use these programs to invite viewers to attend the ShareHim evangelism meetings in your area.  Click Here to read two short stories. 

For more information, please contact Richard Lawson at Advent Report. The toll-free phone number is (877) 550-5522. The email address is . Please also visit the website: . 

Richard Lawson

"Honestly, the First Night Was..."
Honestly, the first night was nerve racking and I was afraid of saying the wrong thing. We had 10 non-member visitors and one who came in late started asking questions. He believed in the “Big Bang Theory” and stopped attending the meetings after the third night because everything presented was contrary to his beliefs. 

The meetings, held by my wife and me, went well and we enjoyed the fellowship. Somebody was in an adjacent room praying continually. Each night we had an opening and closing prayer and sang songs and distributed handouts with that night’s key scriptures. Also, it was nice having our pastor with us. He did a terrific job answering all those difficult questions. We also gave away a family Bible, a Strong’s Concordance, DVDs on final events and some books, God’s Answers to Your Questions. 

In my own summary, even though by the end there were only 3 coming to the meetings, I feel like God blessed me. He opened His Word to me and now I have a better understanding of Daniel’s prophecy. Also, I had to rely on the Holy Spirit and God as I studied and delivered the topics I knew little about. Rather than just reading the words from the page, the Lord gave me an understanding of what I was sharing and, after the first few nights, it became easier and I felt more connected with the people. 

Through this experience, God has made me more aware that there are a lot of people out there that don’t have His message of Love and we need to do all we can to deliver it. 

Ed Thrasher 

"Feel Fine in '09" 
(Part 2)

Now, for the Rest of the Story… 

Did you read the article “Feel Fine in ‘09” (Part 1) in the January ’09 issue of our newsletter? Our appetites were whetted as we were given just a hint of what the Outreach Leadership Team from the Smith Mountain Lake SDA church was doing. We could tell that this small rural church was in the middle of connecting with their community in a big way. 

Here is what the guests from the community were treated to every Monday night for 2 months:

• Health Screenings
• Health Lectures
• Fitness Challenges
• Fun and Games (including “Bedford’s Biggest Loser”)
• Spiritual Nuggets
• Cooking Demonstrations
• Invitations to church and vegetarian buffet (potluck)
• Invitations to a Revelation Seminar in April

Wow!  What a team.  Jill Weeks, a member of the Smith Mountain Lake Church in Moneta, VA, tells us the details of the rest of the story, “Feel Fine in ’09” (Part 2) .

Action in El Salvador brings Action to Women's Ministries in Oklahoma
The road for a new church in Eufaula, Oklahoma, began in March, 2008, during an Evangelistic Campaign in San Salvador, El Salvador's capital city. Yes! The Holy Spirit was preparing the way for a church in the United States while touching hearts during a ShareHim reaping event in El Salvador. Here is the story:

Pastor Ronny Shelton of the Muskogee Church in Oklahoma organized a group of his lay people to go to El Salvador. Teresa Shelton and Kathy Jones were in that group and felt impressed to lead the Women's Ministries in their home church to do a campaign. Teresa and Kathy would do the preaching and other ladies would be involved with greeting, preparing snacks and Sabbath fellowship meals, and most importantly, praying for the hearts of individuals that the Holy Spirit would touch. At that point, Teresa and Kathy did not know where God wanted them to have their homeland campaign.

Back home, Teresa and Kathy continued to plan for their campaign. Eventually, they felt impressed to hold the meetings in Eufaula, Oklahoma (a city with no Seventh-day Adventist presence). They made a trip to Eufaula in order to secure a meeting site but, unfortunately, only located a very small hotel conference room costing $100 per night.

On their next trip to Eufaula, they discovered the Exhibit Hall at the local County Fair Grounds. Praise the Lord. It was ideal. It was large enough. There was room for a platform. They would be able to set up decorated tables so that visitors could take notes. AND, the cost was only $25 per night.

The meetings began September 15 and thirty-five guests attended that first night. Teresa and Kathy used the ShareHim sermons in the same sequence as in El Savador. By the end of the evangelistic meetings there were 8 commitments. Now, at 220 S. Main Street, Eufaula, Oklahoma, a group of 20 gather every Sabbath while angels lift their voices rejoicing! 

Teresa Shelton
ANNOUNCEMENT: ShareHim is compiling stories of lay women and men in action for God.  These stories may have taken place at home or abroad.  If you have a story to tell about your international campaign and have another story to tell about how God used you here at home, we want both of those stories.  Of course, pictures make stories come alive so please send your stories and pictures (unedited, high resolution) to:  
Don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions.  We welcome your testimonies and any ideas for witnessing that are working for you and your Outreach Leadership Team.
 The ShareHim Team 
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"Honestly, the first night was..."
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Action in El Salvador brings Action to Women's Ministrie's in Oklahoma
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