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Issue 2, 2010

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Whether it’s across the world or in your own neighborhood, you can take part in fulfilling the Gospel Commission. ShareHim is a lay evangelistic ministry, which means anyone can be involved! Age is not a criteria, nor is education or prior preaching experience. We’re here to help you live a lifestyle of evangelism!

If you can do it in Spain you can do it anywhere!

Imagine you are to hold a ShareHim meeting in Spain. It is here where they say it is almost impossible to have any favorable results.  Well one business man didn't believe that it couldn't be done.  This is the story of Jose Manuel Martinez, a successful business man who accomplished what they said couldn't be done. At the conclusion of the ShareHim event, through the power of the Holy Spirit, he had more baptisms than the entire Conference had in one year.
Robert S. Folkenberg interviews Jose Manuel Martinez at the 59th General Conference Session in Atlanta, Georgia.


New Sermons with Nearly 2,000 New Graphics!

This new multi-language sermon series was five years in the making, and features up-to-date concepts and images that make even the most inexperienced preacher look like a pro! It includes sound-effects and appeal songs, new sermon notes and email notifications of any updates.

If you're in Atlanta make sure you stop by exhibit #115, the ShareHim exhibit and ask about the series.  Also, you'll want to stop by the "Good Salt" exhibit, number 527. There you'll be able to take a look at the new sermon series and will be able to purcahse a copy for yourself.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions. We are always happy to hear how we can better serve you. 
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The Challenge
  Workers with clear minds are needed to devise methods for reaching the people.  Something must be done to break down the prejudice existing in the world against the truth.
Evangelism p. 129

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