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Issue - number 7

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Whether it’s across the world or in your own neighborhood, you can take part in fulfilling the Gospel Commission. ShareHim is a lay evangelistic ministry, which means anyone can be involved! Age is not a criteria, nor is education or prior preaching experience. We’re here to help you live a lifestyle of evangelism!

         The Lufthansa Connection . . . 
               A Providential Encounter at 37,000 Feet

When Captain Ulrich Nees checked the passenger list there was a name he recognized. Find out who was on board the Lufthansa Airbus that day. Could this meeting at 37,000 feet over the Atlantic be a chance meeting or was it something else?   When you hear what the meeting led Captain Nees to do you'll realize  that this meetings was no Chance meeting, it was a providential encounter!
When you click on the picture, you'll simply be amazed to find out the plan God had in store for this Lufthansa pilot, along with a host of others.

        Could God be Calling You?

Have you ever thought you'd like to be a missionary in some far away place? Or better yet, you may want to serve the Lord right there in your own neighborhood. ShareHim makes it possible for you to do just that. You'll want to check out the ShareHim website. ShareHim makes it possible and has all the tools you'll need to fulfill those desires that the Holy Spirit has placed in your heart.

             ShareHim Idea Network
Meet the producers of the ShareHim Idea Network on Facebook. Aimee, pictured right, has recently been dubbed an alumna of Southern Adventist University, graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations. Her passion for writing, art and design fuels her work as ShareHim Idea Network’s writer/photographer. Noel, pictured left, is a senior broadcast journalism major at Southern Adventist University.  She films, produces, edits, directs, and shoots all the videos for the ShareHim Idea Network, and you’ll probably find her tweeting in her spare time.  She loves to travel, and enjoys going on mission trips and immersing herself in new cultures.   ShareHim Idea Network is a sector of ShareHim zeroing in on the relationship-building aspect of evangelism. The goal is to inspire laymen and laywomen to build strong relationships between their church and their community first. Relationships are an important element of evangelism often neglected as more emphasis is put on the message. It is after friendships are made that hearts are better primed for the Gospel message. By sharing other churches' success stories we hope to inspire readers to replicate these friendship-generating activities in their own churches, adjusting them to suit their community. By incorporating evangelism into our everyday lives we become witnesses to those around us. So what are you waiting for? Start "Evangeliving" today!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions. We are always happy to hear how we can better serve you. 
 The ShareHim Team 
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The Challenge
  Workers with clear minds are needed to devise methods for reaching the people.  Something must be done to break down the prejudice existing in the world against the truth.
Evangelism p. 129

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