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Issue - number 8

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Whether it’s across the world or in your own neighborhood, you can take part in fulfilling the Gospel Commission. ShareHim is a lay evangelistic ministry, which means anyone can be involved! Age is not a criteria, nor is education or prior preaching experience. We’re here to help you live a lifestyle of evangelism!

 ShareHim Breathed Life into a Louisville Church

Find out what happened when a Louisville church member, from Ghana, invited his pastor and fellow church members to go to his home country in West Africa. Sam Asamoah wanted his friends and church members to "have a feel" of his home country and to share the Gospel. When pastor Eric Carter learned of the desire of his Ghanian church member, the answer was simple. Pastor Carter had previous experience with ShareHim. He knew that ShareHim could make make it all happen. Learn how their experience "Breathed Life" into this Louisville church. 

        What Others are Saying . . .

The Louisville church members were not the only ones to travel to Ghana and preach. Listen to what other volunteer evangelists had to say about their experience.

       You can do it . . . !
            You're invited to be part of ShareHim

  Yes, you can do it . . . !   You're invited to be part of an international event or perhaps a campaign at home where you live. ShareHim will help you plan, facilitate and give you the material. Simply go to the website,, and sign up for a campaign that's international or in the homeland.

           Go Behind the Scenes . . .

The Louisville church members were just one of many groups that took part in this Ghana satellite uplink. When you click on the picture you'll be taken behind the scenes to one of Africa's largest satellite events.

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The Challenge
  Workers with clear minds are needed to devise methods for reaching the people.  Something must be done to break down the prejudice existing in the world against the truth.
Evangelism p. 129

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