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Video Issue #6 - 2011

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Whether it’s across the world or in your own neighborhood, you can take part in fulfilling the Gospel Commission. ShareHim is a lay evangelistic ministry, which means anyone can be involved! Age is not a criteria, nor is education or prior preaching experience. We’re here to help you live a lifestyle of evangelism

Romance . . .
on the Other Side of the Mountain

You won't want to miss this experience. It was no accident how these two volunteer evangelist met.
Part One shares Terrance and Kathy Janzen's providential meeting "on the other side of the mountain."  Their experience was recently shared at the Lay Evangelism Festival held in Gentry, Arkansas.  Elder Robert Folkenberg interviews this unique Northern California couple.

Part Two -  Terrance and Kathy Janzen have traveled around the world presenting ShareHim meetings. Count them, that's right, forty different global sites. Now you're going to want to hear what they're doing in their home church in Ukiah, California. Their experience was recently shared at the Lay Evangelism Festival held at Ozark Academy in Gentry, Arkansas.

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The Challenge
  Workers with clear minds are needed to devise methods for reaching the people.  Something must be done to break down the prejudice existing in the world against the truth.
Evangelism p. 129


The Quiet Hour
Partners in Evangelism