ShareHim Newsletter
January/February 2012
People On the Move
Ross Clark of Tennessee does not wait for people to come to him. He catches their interest where they are. Setting his laptop on a small table in the shopping mall, he presents ShareHim sermons. People stop to watch and listen. He invites those who stop to his home. One who came is the treasurer of the local Baptist church.
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Daniel 2 Presentation
Ripple Effect
Penticton, BC German Study Group Heinz Volk was stymied. He had committed to doing two ShareHim campaigns a year, but his church board was reluctant to endorse even one. There was the usual objections "beastly" preaching, the high cost of evangelism, and low returns.

Finally, an elder threw out a challenge meant to quash the matter. "OK, you do it - in German."
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Making God's Vision Our Own
God's vision is embodied in the great commission "the Gospel to all the world." It includes your own neighborhood and those regions that are closed to Christian missionaries.
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