July/August 2012
Disabled but not Unable
Annette Carlson A car accident left Annette Carlson unable to work, but didn't stop her from letting God work through her. She became what she calls "a volunteer Bible worker", looking for people with whom she can share her faith. Enrolling in the Lay Ministers' Program conducted by James Fox, she learned of the responsibility of sharing Christ once we become Christians. More ... Arrow

The Gift
The Gift
A deacon held a large yogurt container towards me as I entered the church. "This is for you," he said.

I glanced at the bulging lid. "Yogurt?" 
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Ventures with God in Belize
Ozark Students in Belize
Waking up in Belize is an amazing thing. Whether hearing an exotic bird call, traffic on the street below, or a gentle rain that will disappear as quickly as it began, just the simple act of opening your eyes and returning to consciousness brings such a sense of anticipation. And our expectancy wasn't hollow. More ... Arrow
What's New: Festival of Evangelistic Living – Eastern U.S.
Festival of Evangelistic Living
Service for God can look very different from person to person. Using your unique set of spiritual gifts, you can reach people in ways that no one else can. Are you ready and willing to live for Him right where you are? Would you like to network with others interested in witnessing to share plans and ideas? More ... Arrow