Our Christmas Prayer for You

As another year comes to an end, our mailboxes are often filled with requests to help various worthy causes. Like other organizations, ShareHim needs your financial support and asks that you prayerfully consider how you can help. Our request however, goes beyond the financial.

This holiday season as you enjoy time with friends and family, contemplate what the Lord has done by coming to this earth as a babe. As you plan what you can do for Him in the coming year, consider the following options:


1. PRAY! Commit to praying for the salvation of your friends and neighbors, both at home and abroad, and for the ministry of ShareHim whose mission it is to help individuals catch the vision of how God can use them to finish His work.


2. GO! Investigate the upcoming ShareHim evangelism trips (click here for schedule); or make concrete plans to reach your neighbors, friends, and family being personally involved in making a difference.


3. SHARE! Give of your means to further the commission to which God has called us all! ShareHim relies on donations of all sizes to bless others with free materials, implement new ideas for evangelism, and inspire OTHERS to share!


On behalf of the thousands who have been touched by this ministry and from each member of the ShareHim team; thank YOU for your past, present, and continued support. Our prayer is that you have a BLESSED Christmas season and an EXCITING new year following HIM.

ShareHim Staff
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Texting "Wrong" Person Leads to Baptism
In January, our prayer leader, Merril Hylton, invited us at the Garland Faith Community Church to begin the year with 10 days of prayer for our church and the upcoming ShareHim homeland series. Our church prayed for 10 days straight, 24 hours a day, each member taking a 15 minute slot. One day at 3 AM, a member sent a text message to remind the next person to pray. However, the text was sent to a "wrong" number. More ... Arrow
Garland Faith Community Church
Anointed in Guyana
Natasha greeting a young meeting attendee

I had been sick the night before with a temperature and a stomachache. Again, I was lying on the sofa waiting for my driver, desperately craving some rest and something to calm my stomach. As I entered my church in Guyana the song leader joked, "Every night you come looking worse than the night before." It was true. I was feeling so nauseated, I could only think about finishing the sermon and getting out of there. I set up my equipment and started the Jesus video. I sat down for a moment to catch my breath and think. Tonight the attendance was up! Why would God send so many people to hear His Word when the preacher was not feeling well?

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A Week of Prayer Commitment

David Dobias' interest in foreign missions began in 2nd grade when a week of prayer speaker asked, "What are you going to do for Jesus?" Little David replied, "I am going to Africa as a missionary." More ... Arrow


Dave Dobias
In Sierra Leone with NO Interpreter
Pastor Goba & Michael Dant

Shortly after I arrived in Sierra Leone on a ShareHim campaign, my site supervisor introduced me to Michael Goba. Michael had accepted the Sabbath and was convinced of many Seventh-day Adventist truths. He attended my meetings and was very eager for me to come and talk to his church. You see, Michael Goba was the pastor of a 96–member, Sunday–keeping church in the Freetown area. An avid Bible student, he was very impressed by the Biblical basis of all our teachings and he longed for his members to understand them as well.

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A Change in Your Investments

Isaiah 2:4 describes those who "beat their swords into plowshares." How about changing your stock investments into souls converted? Many are selling stock to avoid higher capital gains taxes. Why not donate stock to ShareHim? All proceeds go to evangelism. The donor can generally claim the full current value as a contribution while paying no capital gains tax whatsoever! Please prayerfully consider ShareHim as you "store up for yourselves treasures in heaven" (Matt. 6:20a). If you are interested in more information for your broker, call Chad Grundy (ShareHim Treasurer) at 704-887-5733.