March/April 2013
Behind the Scenes
We all feel the tug to send financial support when we see a malnourished child on TV, or when the latest hurricane hits and we see the photos of the hurting people. We are quick to pull out our pocketbooks when a call is made to build a church or educate a child. But it is more of a struggle to write a check when the money is going towards administrative expenses.

Although ShareHim attempts to keep administrative costs as low as possible, it still takes money to keep this ministry active and reaching the world for Christ. Your donation helps to get sermon materials in the hands of participants quickly, keep computers running, pay phone bills, and even provide salaries for those who work so earnestly for this mission. This month, please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation to ShareHim to see this work continue; every little bit helps, and we need your help today.
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Healing and Hope in Moldova
Andrew being baptized Andrew and his brother were members of the brass band. Andrew suffered serious head injuries but miraculously survived; his brother did not. Surgery helped Andrew physically, but nothing helped his depression.

Andrew's turning point came last month.
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A Vital Part of the ShareHim Team
Jill Weeks, wife of ShareHim Associate Director Jeremiah Weeks, is a vital part of the ministry of ShareHim.  Though she might not be up front speaking, lots of the things she does behind the scenes help to keep the program running smoothly.
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Jill Weeks

Administrator Refreshed by Evangelism
Gary Moyer As a pastor I conducted evangelistic campaigns, but as an administrator I must admit that my days of evangelistic preaching had waned. So when lay pastor Charlie Young asked me to hold a 5-weekend campaign in his little country church, I accepted. Later I questioned my decision...
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