May/June 2013
A Pause to Reflect
Christian Heros Remembered Memorial Day is over, a day when Americans remember all the heroes who fought and died for their country. Unfortunately, there is no holiday for remembering all the Christian Heroes who have traveled afar and fought against the wiles of the devil to spread a message of salvation and hope. People like Eric Lidell, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, David Livingston and Hudson Taylor. Adventist Missionaries like, J N Andrews, Abram LaRue, Harry Miller, and Ferdinand and Anna Stahl to name a few.
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A Pounding Heart Changed My Life
My heart was pounding. I sat in the first seat I found and tried to go unnoticed. It was a pew with only two seats. Next to me was a guy who looked at me with bulging eyes. I realized later that he was a visitor who was there for the first time and was sitting alone. My attempt to go unnoticed was in vain because after a few minutes I was called up front. I asked my new friend to hold my bag.
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Baptismal Group in Cape Verde
Women Fired Up in Texas
Women of United African SDA Church On March 8, 2013, the women of United African SDA Church in Houston, Texas hosted their first annual evangelism series entitled "His Way of Hope". Three weeks before the meetings started, the Women's Ministry Department printed flyers and handouts for each member to distribute to their family, friends, and people in the surrounding community. Each member was challenged to bring at least one person to the meetings each night. Announcements about these meetings were sent to local gospel stations to get the word out. A few days before the meeting, some of us were wondering if there would be a turn-out. To our surprise, church members, friends, family, and some visitors showed up each night. We knew then, that our prayers didn't go unanswered.
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