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December 2013

As another year comes to a close, we'd like to share just a small glimpse of what God is doing and how He is changing lives through the ministry of ShareHim.

In the homeland, ShareHim has been actively involved with the lay-evangelism program of the Wisconsin Conference. Ministerial director James Fox’s testimony proves that anyone can use ShareHim!

Judy, who never preached before, held two ShareHim meetings resulting in several baptisms! She says,“I have a real burden for souls and I’m trying to reach out to as many as I can. The ShareHim materials make teaching about Jesus so easy.”

Big time evangelist, Alice

Alice never imagined herself as a “big time evangelist,” but that’s what she has become. No, she isn’t preaching on TV or in a stadium. But, trained at Camp Meeting, she is inviting friends to her home to learn the Word!

In Lena Wisconsin, church school students were invited to preach a ShareHim series in their town. They studied their Bibles, prayed, and practiced. As many as 48 people attended their seminars each night.

ShareHim's international field school brings other stories from summer 2013. In July, 18 young people from Michigan and 12 from Avon Park, Florida flew to Nicaragua to preach a full evangelistic series. As a result 260 souls made the decision to be baptized. Some of the local translators for the sermon series were included in those saved. Many of the baptized were young people who responded to student preachers.

But this international story doesn't end in Nicaragua. On their return home, the Michigan group teamed up with the Fairplain Adventist Church in Benton Harbor for a local series. One of the young men writes:

My experience while preaching at Fairplain was a good one. At first I was a bit nervous because I didn’t have a translator. So I prayed that God would give me peace and help me preach His word. And He did.

My dad, who had left the church many years before, was there along with my step-mom listening intently. When the service was over, they both congratulated me. "You did very well, Josh. I could understand everything very clearly. I think with a little work, you could become a very good preacher." I was overwhelmed with this and praised God for giving me the opportunity to be a witness to my dad.

Friend, this time of year is one full of gratitude, sharing, and celebration with those we cherish. Our primary focus is on the birth and gift of Jesus. We also praise Him for how He will use you to enable hundreds of students and lay people to share the message of His Second Coming made possible by the gift of His birth.

When you support our student and lay preachers, you make an indelible impact on their hearts and minds. You bring them closer to Jesus as they study, prepare, and deliver Christ-centered messages. THEN…their audiences are changed and souls are won. THEN…when they return home, their home church is changed by their testimony, enthusiasm, and deeper love for Jesus! Whether they preach the message of salvation and the Second Coming in your town, or halfway around the world, your support does “triple duty!”

Won’t you consider giving generously, so that more volunteers can be blessed by participating in our field schools, using our sermon materials, and have an encouraging voice as we ShareHim?

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