Pastors & Young Adults
from North America


Feb. 1–Nov. 15, 2023


Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic

Pastors, inspire the next generation.

Bring your young adults on a ShareHim trip.


NAD Pastors, CLICK HERE for details about the 2023 ShareHim Program.


Instill in young adults a heart for lost people and a passion for sharing the gospel.

Grow friendships between pastors and young adults from their districts that lead to young adults being more involved in ministry and leadership in their churches



Conferences in many countries have invited ShareHim to bring guest speakers for evangelistic meetings held by local churches.

ShareHim trips are more like family visits than mission trips. Local members graciously let us join in their ongoing evangelism program.

Studying and presenting the word often has a transformational impact on participants.


How it Works

Each participant is the guest speaker for an eleven-message evangelistic series held by a local church, using customizable ShareHim sermons. Most young adults are first-time speakers, and no previous preaching experience is required.

A ShareHim trip manager leads the trip and serves as the interface between the visiting group and the host conference.

The group is lodged together and meets each day to pray, share experiences, and prepare the upcoming sermon.

After the meetings end, one or two days are spent in recreation, sightseeing, and recommitment to sharing the gospel back at home.


Dates & Costs

We plan many trips each year. Participants depart mid-week and return about two weeks later.

Trips are all-inclusive. ShareHim arranges flights and ground transport, lodging, meals, excursions, insurance, materials, and on-site leadership by an experienced trip manager.

By combining funds from ShareHim donors, participants’ home conferences and unions, and ASI, the per-person cost for participants and their churches is lowered to a workable amount.

About ShareHim

ShareHim has over 20 years’ experience leading evangelistic trips with thousands of people.

We are a department of the Carolina Conference, funded solely by direct donations.

Our mission is to help inspire Seventh-day Adventists to share the hope they have in Jesus and His soon return.



NAD Pastors, CLICK HERE for details about the 2023 ShareHim Young Evangelist program for pastors and young adults.


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