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Update the website data in Satellite

The Satellite software needs some information from the ShareHim website in order to work. It needs the list of conferences, churches, available sermon languages, etc. to be able to provide the right options on the application form. This data is very likely not current when you first download and install the software, since the data is from the time when that version of the software was compiled.

Therefore, two things are very important to remember before each boot camp:

  1. Check that all the churches in the conference have been entered into the ShareHim website. For instructions click here.
  2. Always update to the latest website data just before the boot camp, in order to ensure Satellite has current information. If you don't and a church is missing in the list, people from that church will have to fill out a paper application form and YOU will have to enter it into the online website afterwards - a tedious process you do not want to go through!

While being connected to the Internet...

  1. Start up the ShareHim Satellite program. You'll find an icon on the desktop or in the list of programs in your Start menu.
  2. In the bottom of the screen you'll see when the data was last updated. If it is more than 2 weeks old you'll see a warning.
  3. Click Administration.
  4. Under the "Import" section click Website (online method).
  5. Wait while the software retrieves the latest information from the website. When done a message will say "Database update complete". Click OK.
  6. Click Done to get back to the main screen.

Without being connected to the Internet...

  1. Click on Satellite (offline application) on your main menu. For pastors you need to click More to get to the appropriate section.
  2. In the section Alternative Installation on the right side, click the date in the row labeled Current website data. A file with the current data will now be generated.
  3. On the next page click the link to download and save the file to your computer.
  4. Take the file to each of the computers you have the Satellite program installed on, and in the administration section of the sofware you can select to import this file.

The computer is now ready to be taken to the boot camp.