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Accept an applicant

  1. Pending applicants are shown in the top on the right side of your main menu.
  2. Applicants are listed their name and city, the number of days since they applied, and one of these status symbols:

Waiting for a response from the pastor.
Pastor responded positively. You can go ahead and accept the person if you agree.
Pastor did not give his consent. Hold the mouse over the icon to see the reason.
We did not have contact information for the pastor. Please call the pastor yourself to obtain his/her consent.

  • To view extended information about the applicant click the magnifying glass next to the applicant's name. This page will show a lot more information and you can also accept/reject applicants from here.

  1. To accept the applicant, click Accept.
  2. To reject the applicant, click Reject. You will be taken to the extended view where you need to click on Reject on the right side and write a reason. Note that the reason is only stored internally, it is not sent to the applicant. Then click OK.