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October/November 2012
Education for Eternity
Student Edition Your financial help makes it feasible for ShareHim to train, assist, and equip young people to share Jesus and His soon coming with people worldwide. In the process, the youth become ready for Eternity themselves. YOU are the vital connection between a dream and reality. The stories below are just a sample of how your donations change lives.

Buried Twice in Guyana
When I arrived in Guyana, I was nervous about giving a sermon in front of a full church every night. I was very unsure of myself and doubted that I could be an effective speaker. One night, the sermon topic was baptism. At the end of the message I made an appeal for anyone interested in baptism to come forward. I noticed one man in particular, a little rough around the edges who was struggling with making this decision. But I was overjoyed when he finally he came forward, ready for a new start.
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Kevin & Zach

Can a Child Preach in America?
Shaws A training workshop by the Children’s Ministries Coordinator for the Southern New England Conference charged attendees to make children their top priority. Members of the New England Ghanaian church accepted the challenge. After all, if the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division had 13,000 child preachers, why couldn’t their own children preach?
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Caitlin's Mission — God's Timing
I signed up for a ShareHim campaign to Colombia during my sophomore year at Southern Adventist University. But, I lacked passion for sharing the word of God. I signed up to fulfill some unwritten requirement for being a good, godly girl and I couldn't find peace. Finally, I prayed that God would take this cup from me. The next night my mother said, "Caitlin, you cannot go." So I dropped out.
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Caitlin Hobbs

New Opportunities
ShareHim is so excited to have recently been invited to work in the South American Division, Trans-Pacific Union, West Indonesia Union and the Moldova Conference. But we need YOU to help make the fulfillment of these requests a reality. Please consider donating now to ShareHim and be a part of fulfilling Jesus' grand commission.
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