What is the ShareHim Homeland Initiative?

The ShareHim homeland initiative in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe begins by inviting committed members to form an team in your church, which accepts responsibility to grow the Kingdom in that area. With the support of the pastor, each team member carries out a series of personal encounters with his/her friends designed to enhance the quality of their individual relationships, and reports his/her initiatives at each meeting of the team. The team plans a series of seminars and other activities designed so each guest will become acquainted with team members, other than the one who has been regularly meeting with them. Teams schedule and select a trained and approved lay-evangelist to lead out in periodic reaping events. While many teams hold one to three reaping events per year, among the Hispanic congregations the number of events is closer to four per year.

As part of this cycle (or lifestyle evangelism, called "Evangeliving"), Team members agree to pray out loud, every day, for EACH person on their team's interest list.

To learn more about these homeland initiatives visit the Resources section. To get started express interest to your pastor.

Is my conference already participating in the program?

The following is the list of currently participating conferences. If your conference is not in the list please read the next section.

Allegheny East
Allegheny West
Central California
Central States
Greater New York
Gulf States
Lake Region
Mountain View
New Jersey
New York
Northern California
Northern New England
Rocky Mountain
South Atlantic
South Central
Southeastern California
Southeastern Conference (Florida)
Southern California
Southern New England
Southwest Region
Upper Columbia
British Columbia
Newfoundland - Labrador

Austrian Union


Danish Union


Guam-Micronesia Mission

Bay Islands

Irish Mission

Italian Union of Churches

Central Jamaica
East Jamaica
North Jamaica
Northeast Jamaica
West Jamaica

South New Zealand

North England
Scottish Mission
South England
Welsh Mission

How the ShareHim Website Is Used

The ShareHim "homeland initiative" is built upon the assumption that the conference has authorized ShareHim's access to their pastoral contact information. This way, when a member attends and registers at a ShareHim Speaker Training Program (or "Boot Camp"), ShareHim communicates with the applicant's home-church pastor asking for a recommendation. Once that applicant has been approved by the conference, upon the recommendation of the pastor, the applicant's name appears on the list of trained, qualified, and approved lay-evangelists in that conference. When the pastor/team have invited one of these speakers to lead out in a particular reaping event that is registered on the ShareHim website (the campaign date and the location), ShareHim provides the sermon material to the speaker, free of charge. It is self-evident that if the conference has not approved this relationship with ShareHim, it is not possible for us to facilitate the recommendation and approval process and therefore are unable to provide the same material support. In that case, please contact your conference and encourage them to enter into this data-access relationship. Should a person who is approved to preach by a particular conference not be invited by a pastor or a team, soon the website will make it possible for a trained, approved speaker to register for authorization to lead out in a speaker-initiated campaign! In that case, ShareHim will provide the speaker the sermon material.

Website Features
Plan and record campaigns (reaping events) done in each church, both with initiative taken by team/pastor or by individual members (Speaker-Initiated Reaping Events).
Register pre-campaign events for each church.
Enter the budget for any event. Can be exported to Excel.
Maintain a list of speakers having been through training and accepted by the conference to preach. Pastor gives consent to or directly accepts speakers from his/her churches.
When a campaign is approved the speaker is automatically sent the free material from ShareHim in form of sermon notes and graphics, and video about the life of Jesus (not always available).
Option to register speakers who haven't gone through the ShareHim training and application process (won't receive any material though)
Record statistics about the campaigns.
Keep track of the teams within each church. Can have multiple teams per church.
Easily send e-mail to the teams.
Many tried and tested tools and training material for pastors and church members, eg.:
  • pastor training material (to help train church members)
  • Prayer & Friendship booklets (both printed and digital) to remember the people you come in contact with
Gather and publish testimonies and stories from the church members.
Many different reports for the conference to give you an overview of mission activities for your area.
The website in your local language.
We are constantly improving everything - your input is most welcome!
You will be able to communicate directly with system developers to suggest and exchange ideas.
Everything is offered free of charge (except the Prayer & Friendship booklets).

Anybody Can Get Started

All team members, and those who are NOT team members, are more than welcome to visit the Resources section on our website. Any person is free to download all the material which is found there. This includes the Outreach Leadership Team Handbook, the Sowing Resource Catalogue (with about 400+ materials available from a wide-variety of sources).

All individuals, whether members in a "participating" conference or not, are free to complete an application form to preach an international campaign. Each person who completes an international campaign is considered qualified to lead out in a homeland campaign. Furthermore, ShareHim is working hard to offer the "Speaker Training" and "OLT Training Program" online. All of these initiatives are designed to reduce obstacles to the minimum. Some additional ideas to get started which you may wish to consider include:

  • Going to www.sharehim.org and selecting Resources. Download our Outreach Leadership Team Handbook. Get a group of interested lay persons together on a regular basis, download or watch the "Rally" or Long-Term Planning DVD.
  • Apply to join an international trip.
  • Get a group of interested lay persons together on a regular basis, as suggested in the handbook.
  • Call your conference and encourage them to participate in the ShareHim homeland initiative.
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