Activate ShareSynch

Due to earlier experiences ShareHim has found it necessary to require online activation of the sermon series His Way of Hope, used by the ShareSynch software.

The sermon series Truth for Today, Hope for Tomorrow needs activation depending on which platform it uses. If you got the Presentation Synchronizer (which is PowerPoint-based software) you do not need to activate. But if it uses ShareSynch as the platform activation is required.

To download the latest version click here.
If you experience problems, please call us at (+1) 844-742-7344.

The sermons are not available for purchase.


Normally the activation can be done from within the ShareSynch software itself, but if you aren't able to do so you can do manual activation here.

To do manual activation your Serial Number and the Machine Code for your computer is needed. Once you have successfully completed the form here you will be given an activation code which you need to enter into the ShareSynch software.

Activation Information
Serial Number
(or Subscription Code)
This is placed inside the back cover of your jewel case, or in an e-mail you received from us.
Machine Code Required
This is found in the activation window when starting up ShareSynch.
Activation Code
Contact Information
Not required if your name is already printed on the Serial Number label.
Your name
Your e-mail
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