Hotel Manager Requests Special ShareHim Meeting for Staff Members

December 6 2006 / ShareHim in San Andres, Columbia, Sep. 24 - Oct. 9 '04 #100
by Harold Kehney

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On the island of San Andreas, in Columbia, the manager of the hotel where ShareHim speakers were staying requested a special unscheduled meeting for her 25 hotel staff members in the hotel’s banquet room.

The manager was impressed with the speakers lodging in her hotel. When she learned of their activities and plans for her island, she did decided to make these vegetarians welcome. Even though the hotel had a large daily buffet for the guests, a special table was set for the ShareHim speakers. Complete meals were specially prepared using soya meats and milk, vegetables, local fruits, nuts, and grains all attractively served. The cooks knew that the speakers always left before the evening meal was served and came back late after preaching. Again, special kindness was shown to each speaker. The dining staff prepared a special fruit dish and would leave a tray in each speaker's room so the evening meal would not be completely missed. Seldom does one find such find accommodation and meals with prices far less than budgeted! But this is not all; the manager then decided to lower the quoted price of $35 per night, including all three meals.

Being invited to speak to all of the employees of two hotels was a special occasion and a first. At the staff meeting, Mark Moreland, a first-time ShareHim speaker, told his conversion story of how God had changed his life and the miracles that have happened because of his choice to serve Jesus as his Savior. At the close, the employees applauded and joined in singing and prayer, just as in a regular crusade. The employees were also invited to the nightly meeting, and afterward some stayed for special prayer. Several employees responded and expressed the need to make a change in their lives. They also requested that the special meetings continue.

Meanwhile, on the island of Old Providence, Mrs. Darlene Strauss invited one of the hotel staff members to her meetings. The woman attended the meetings night after night and made a commitment to be baptized. So often people will respond if they are asked.

God has surprises for us. Often we become concerned about the outcome of our efforts, but God always has something special in store for us when we allow Him to use us just as we are. This is why we can again say, "God can use anyone if we allow Him." He will speak through you and use you and in ways you never dreamed possible. There are no failures when you are working hand in hand with Christ.
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