Rainbow of Promise in Mongolia

December 20 2006 / ShareHim in Mongolia 3, Jul. 14 - Jul. 29 '06 #102
by Felix J. Bendezu

Campaign Site Narrative from Amazing Grace, Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia 3. The speaker assigned to this site was FELIX J. Bendezu.


It was a rainy afternoon in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. Guided by two young missionaries, I started visiting homes of new believers. As the rain continued, the streets soon became ponds of water. Walking on muddy streets, jumping from one rocky spot to another, we reached the popular Mongolian circular shaped homes, known as the Ger.
We were welcomed at the Ger of a young lady who lived with three relatives. Their way of living was amazing. In one 20-foot, circular room, the whole house was well distributed following a circular pattern: Sofas, beds, closets, kitchen, chest, mirrors, etc. At the middle was the dining area: one table with chairs.
This young lady brought us a cup of hot chai (tea with milk), as is the custom in Mongolia. My translator and I highlighted the Bible teachings of the Parable of Talents. At the end, those present made the resolution to be good stewards of God.

After visitation we went back to our conference place. During that evening’s presentation “Signs of His Coming”, God blessed our work as the people were receptive to His Word.

Following the evening’s presentation, our taxi driver honked from the street to take me to my lodge. I soon discovered how skillful the driver was, as he rode effortlessly through the muddy streets. Could this taxi be a 4 x 4 ? He crossed pond after pond, for about one mile, until we got to the asphalt street. At the time, I was feeling blue, looking down the ugly muddy streets, so I decided to look up to the sky, What a surprise! I saw a gigantic rainbow and my fatigue and worries faded away since I was in the presence of God’s covenant arc.
My heart lifted up giving thanks to The Lord for His beautiful promises! He has many ways to make us joyful in every circumstance!
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