Souls Invited for Jesus

December 22 2006 / ShareHim in Kenya ASI, Jan. 14 - Jan. 29 '05 #103
by Denise Thomas-Ellis

Campaign Site Narrative from Rabuor, Kisumu in Kenya ASI. The speaker assigned to this site was Denise Thomas-Ellis-Hayden.

What a blessing it was to arrive at the humble site in Rabour, Kisumu and see the masterful design techniques the ladies had used to decorate the platform for the nightly meetings. My prayer was that the hearts of the people would invite Jesus into their hearts, just as this site was so inviting to them. Everyone, and I mean everyone that I dealt with from the pastor to the Women's Ministries leaders, was extremely engaging and I was confident that before my time was up, souls would come to Jesus. Little did I know how many souls would enjoy the call of Jesus. Over 46 souls came to him and were baptized on the last day of the meetings and more than 20 more were enrolled in the Bible study baptismal class. This trip was rewarding to me in many ways and allowed me to live out my dream since childhood to be a ministerial missionary in a foreign land. God be praised.
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