Praises in Muskogee!

January 15 2007 / ShareHim in Muskogee, OK #109
by Gary Newton

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Gary Newton.

Our experience at Muskogee, Oklahoma was a life-changing event! Our group (Newtons & DeVries) were excited and nervous about doing an evangelistic campaign anywhere, but after much prayer and searching our hearts we decided to follow God’s leading!

We were welcomed with such warmth and love at the Muskogee Seventh-day Adventist church. They had everything ready that we had previously requested and were ready to go.
We had a average of 35+ people at the seminars each night. We received many compliments on the format we presented. There was a short “Amazing Fact” and a ten minute “Health Talk” prior to each sermon presentation.

The congregation and the visitors expressed their appreciation on what was presented. We kept our meeting strictly within the one hour time frame assuring visitors that they could leave on time each night.

We had several ‘challenges’ along the way but prayer overrode each and every situation. Our series went five nights a week, with two nights off. This seemed to suit everyone quite well. It is a demanding schedule to maintain, as we would have preparations to make during each day and arrive an hour early at our host site each
night. But the blessings outweighed everything.

The Muskogee church was a pleasure to be at and meeting the people and getting to know them was special. They opened their hearts and they opened their church to us. Whatever we needed was always readily available.

When the seminar concluded we had three who requested baptism, one who was coming in on a profession of faith, and two other ‘potential’ candidates for Bible study! It is such a blessing to see others come to the Lord! We left the candidates in Pastor Rudy Juarez's capable hands to prepare them for baptism.

We thank the Muskogee church for their love and support during the three weeks we were there and consider them friends forever!

Gary & Judith Newton Larry & Barbara DeVries
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