What the Pentecostal Lady Learned

February 7 2007 / ShareHim in Kenya A, Jan. 12 - Jan. 27 '07 #114
by William F. Justinen

Personal Testimony of William F. Justinen.

First off I would say, going to Africa was a real eye opener and yet much more. We feel it was such an honor and privilege. The pastor and all the church members treated us wonderfully, with kindness and great respect. By the kindness of God we were only rained out the first Sabbath evening. The Second Coming message was the one missed, yet not missed after all because it was reviewed in all the rest of the sermons.

Each evening Donna gave an illustrated Power Point health talk. Next was the Jesus film. Then came my sermon. Yes, God used them to teach the people and bring many to knowledge of the true God and on to baptism.

In our section or site were 16 ready for baptism the last Sabbath and another site just down the road and in the same district, had 14 ready to be baptized. So our pastor (his district), baptized 30 people that last Sabbath afternoon. We were happy to give each of those baptized a Bible. He had that many or more preparing for a future baptism. They were divided about half boys & men and ladies. The ladies were baptized first then the men. As I looked at the men in the water in a row I just marveled. There were only two older men and all the rest were young men. I thought, "What potential there is here." If only they could be trained, what good they could do for God's church in that place. I told Pastor Moses that I will commit to helping him as I can.

Someone told us this story, a lady who was Pentecostal came and learned that camel meat should not be eaten according to the Bible. She said that once her church had a feast on camel steak. She said, "I see that your church teaches what the Bible says, so I'm joining your church." One local pastor is to have said this to his congregation. "Don't go to these meetings, because if you do, you'll become a Seventh-day Adventist."

The lodging and food was wonderful. Would we go on another assignment? We would definitely go if we could find the money. Did we enjoy the trip? Overwhelmingly!
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