Here I am, my Lord, send me

March 15 2007 / ShareHim in Uganda, Jul. 14 - Jul. 29 '06 #128
by Sarah Stefan

Campaign Site Narrative from Seeta, Kampala in Uganda. The speaker assigned to this site was Sarah Stefan.

I am from Romania, Europe. I am a member in Bicaz, Neamt, Moldova Conference. But I am now a student in high school at an Adventist school in Bucharest.

I have had for three years the desire and the dream to do something for the Lord. I made this decision after watching a DVD in which David Gates was promoting voluntary service. I planned to do something after I graduated from secondary school and university. I wanted to leave for a poor country where volunteers are needed and in this way to do something for the Lord and those around me.

Through my pastor, Laurentiu Nistor, I found out about Global Evangelism and about Uganda. I prayed, and the Lord's answer was that he wanted me in Uganda. Later he opened up the possibilities for me to go there.

From the Uganda 2006 experience I learned what true faith is and what it means to really exercise it! I realized that what I did before was more theory than reality. I learned what it means to live and walk with God. I learned that I have to be content with what I have, since there are others that do not have even half of what I have.

The Uganda Global Evangelism experience has made me feel the blessing received through the satisfaction of ministering unto others and to God. To my shame I saw that God did greater things than I imagined and believed that He would do. To my shame I saw that I did not have enough faith.

In Uganda I met a Ugandan girl of my age that was a student in Pastoral Theology. Now I am not sure of what studies to pursue after I graduate, but now theology could be an option. I wish to study something that would be of use in serving God and others. After finishing my education I want to be able to work as a volunteer in a country that needs voluntary service. I do not know what the Lord's plan is for me, but I have the assurance that He will take care of me and He will show me what I must do and what I should study so I can be of best use to Him and His work.

Uganda has taught me what it means to be open, sincere, loving, and friendly. I am an open person, but Ugandans surpass me. They are very dynamic people and I already love them. I like their lack of hypocrisy and their transparency. They are very happy people and in good spirits. I love them!

This experience changed my life! Now I just want to continue to work for God for all my life!
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