God Works Miracles

March 27 2007 / ShareHim in Guatemala, Mar. 16 - Mar. 31 '07 #131
by Brittany Woodruff

Campaign Site Narrative from Tierra Nueva II, Guatemala in Guatemala. The speaker assigned to this site was Brittany Woodruff.

I am in a church in Villa Nueva, the name of it is Los Planes. The devil has been trying to get to me because he knows that things are happening down here. I came down with the flu one day, but I decided to preach anyway. I claimed Bible promises and knew that God would bless. As I got up to preach my sickness left me. This happened to me two nights in a row. On the third night, during the sermon, I began to cough and my voice was gone. At that moment one of the young church members started to pray. As soon as she said, “Amen,” she heard me say, “Wow, my voice is back!” The meeting continued without any problems. On Sabbath the next day I preached for church. After lunch I came down with a rash and I was not able to preach that night. Some of my church members stayed up part of the night praying that I would get better. God answered! The next day I was able to preach. The church was extremely happy to have me back and I was happy to be back. God works miracles!
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