"I am a Changed Armando"

April 1 2007 / ShareHim in Belize, Mar. 16 - Mar. 31 '07 #134
by Val Duckett

Campaign Site Narrative from Ranchito & Xaibe SDA Churches, Ranchito Village in Belize. The speaker assigned to this site was Sheryl Juhl.

Before my move to Kansas, Sheryl Juhl, Bev Schickling and I, active laypersons in Arizona and best friends, had talked of going on a mission trip. This year our dream became a reality, and we conducted one of five campaigns in Belize. We held tent meetings in San Joaquin village. Women from the church would decorate the tent poles with fresh flowers just before the crowd filled the tent. By the time the sermon began, there were people spread around in the grassy area beyond the tent and sitting on a long park wall adjacent to it. On some nights we would have around 125 people, but generally attendance averaged about 80.

One day, shortly after our arrival and before the campaign began, we were taking a walk and met Armando. We told him the purpose of our visit to Belize and invited him to the meetings. He had been raised Catholic and told us that he had been searching for a church that would touch his heart. Armando began attending the meetings, accepted the Sabbath and health messages, and was thrilled with the Bible truths he was learning. On Friday night before the campaign ended, Armando came forward to give his life to the Lord. When he left the tent that night he said, “I am a changed Armando.” Praise the Lord!
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