April 25 2007 / ShareHim in Guatemala, Mar. 16 - Mar. 31 '07 #141
by Jessica Aguiar

Personal Testimony of Jessica Aguiar.

Well, I never believed I could see God work in such amazing ways. I wasn't really too sure what to expect when I got there. I knew I would see poverty. But I never believed I would see such amazing things. Even though the people were poor they were so nice and respectful. They were always so loving and caring. I got sick while I was there and they took care of me. It made me feel like my family was there. Even though many of the people I was talking to were already Seventh-day Adventists there were a lot of youth who were sort of forced to come with their families and I was able to talk to them. I saw many of them change while I was there. I had many kids and teenagers come up to me and ask me questions. It is very hard to live down there because the best chance a lot of them have in order to survive is to sell drugs.

It was a great trip and I would go back at the drop of a hat.
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