God's Blessings

May 28 2007 / ShareHim in Conroe #143
by Carlos Solano

Personal Testimony of Carlos Solano.

After having had the chance to preach a series last year in Sedona, Arizona, I knew that I had to do it again. At first it was a little difficult not knowing exactly what plans I needed to finalize for the summer, but thanks to God everything worked like He wanted it. Just like my first time, money became a major issue in knowing for sure about my involvement in the program. For a time I was really worried that I was not going to be able to raise enough money to go and preach. Once again I was deeply in debt with the university, so I asked God: how am I going to be able to go, if I only have $5 in my pocket? At that moment God spoke to me and told me just to remember the wonderful things he did with me the previous year. After fundraising for my balance, God still blessed me with extra money just like He did last year.

Prior to the meetings I was glad that the time was approaching, but I was worrying that I wasn’t nervous about preaching. I thought, "There must be something wrong or I’m not preparing good enough." Day after day God showed me the reasons why He wanted me to go and kept me in suspense over the victories He was going to grant me. Once I and the rest of the team were in Houston the devil started doing his things, but we saw the hands of God pulling the plans together. Day after day at the Conroe Spanish SDA church where I was preaching, God brought many visitors to hear His Word. One time we even had about 35 visitors who were taking Bible studies or had come to church for the first time.

Although we had some problems with the equipment and the program, every day God showed me His power, and asked me through trials to trust in Him. My first night, unexpectedly, I had to preach the entire sermon by memory, and I noticed that what I was saying was not what I thought I was thinking. God was putting words in my mouth. Another night I was too worried that the program was not working. I prayed, and after two minutes God asked me just to trust it to Him. I wanted to, but I was just about to go on stage to preach, and wanted the program running. Finally I said, if I have to do the sermon all by memory for the sake of having the audience experience the pictures, I would do it by memory. Just at that moment as the elder was announcing me to go on stage the program started, and everything went smoothly.

Through this experience I have seen God’s hands work through donors like the Quiet Hour, through people, through machines, and finally I saw Him working as we had six people schedule for baptism, and one hour before the baptism, the seventh person made the decision to get baptized. It was beautiful, and 10-15 people came to the front deciding to get baptized in the near future. All praise to Him, our God is amazing, and He gave us victories!
Carlos Solano, SAU team.
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