The Desires of My Heart

May 31 2007 / ShareHim in Houston #144
by Carlos Cirilo

Personal Testimony of Carlos Cirilo.

For three summers in a row, I struggled between doing literature work or spending a summer working with a church doing Bible work and preaching an evangelistic series. In the past, the Lord always led me to do the literature work, but my heart wanted to preach. But this summer, the Lord gave me the desires of my heart, and I was able to not only continue in the publishing work, but also preach the Gospel.

At first I was a little stressed about where I would preach, but at the same time I knew that God has control of everything, and I strongly believe he will place you EXACTLY where you need to be. That could have not been truer in my case.

After meeting my pastor and talking to him, I discovered that he knew of my family back in Mexico, and I knew several of his family members, so it was very easy for me to talk to him. In the two weeks that I was at his church I learned a lot, not just about public evangelism, but more specifically about what it really means to be a pastor. I am a theology student, and I have had the opportunity to work with different pastors and churches doing Bible work, but I have never seen a church love their pastor so much as the church I was assigned to. I learned a lot from him, and he gave me plenty of good advice that will help me in my ministry.

As I preached each night, I was always humbled by the fact that I got to preach the Gospel. A lot of times I don’t feel worthy, but I thank God he has allowed me to do it. In every sermon, I was able to put Christ at the very center, and in every sermon I was able to talk about God and his love for us. Sometimes, when I was preparing the sermons, I would be convicted myself about what I was about to preach. So even if my messages hadn’t reached anyone, I was changed just by going over the sermons and preaching them.

All I can say, is THANK YOU to all those involved in making this trip possible. It played a very big part in deciding where I want to go with my ministry in the near future. I really hope to see more and more Adventist young people get involved in this life changing experience.
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