The Gospel...The Power of God to Save

June 14 2007 / ShareHim in Dominican Rep. B, May. 25 - Jun. 9 '07 #146
by Daniel A. Vega - Lescano

Personal Testimony of Daniel A. Vega - Lescano.

This was the second time I had the privilege of participating in the ShareHim program. I went to Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Alfa church was located on a hill. The road to get to the church was in very bad condition, so when it rains it is difficult to get to the church by car. The first week of meetings we had rain every night. When it rains, few people go to the church because of the bad and muddy roads. Brethren from the church suggested canceling the meetings. I told them that God was going to bring people. My girlfriend, Karen, was there as a support team member. She and I prayed asking God to bring people with rain or without rain. Incredibly, members and visitors came out on those rainy nights.

The second week it did not rain, therefore the church was packed. We had around 50 children every night. Several of the visitors came forward accepting Christ. Prior to the meetings we visited the visitors’ houses. That was a beautiful experience, and I learned a lot about the pastoral work. Eight people were baptized. More more could have been baptized, but problems with marriage did not allow it. Some needed to go far away to get their birth certificates in order to get married. Sadly, they could not resolve the problem of marriage in one week. However, they are planning to be baptized soon.

We had a harvest, and we also sowed the seed of the Gospel. The campaign was a success, because we did not stop preaching the Word of God in spite of the rain, several were baptized, and many will be baptized soon. To God be the glory! He did all the work, and I was only an instrument. I hope to find my brethren very soon in Heaven. Now, I have the duty of preaching with the same power here in United States.
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