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May 13 2006 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic-B, Jun. 10 - Jun. 25 '05 #15
by Martin Robbins

Personal Testimony of Martin Robbins.

I have had the honor of speaking for Jesus in 5 sites this past year. One of my goals in going to speak in the Dominican Republis was to have the experience to do these same meetings in my local area in Sonoma County, California.

I have done a meeting in Nov. of 2005 at the Spanish Santa Rosa church. The meetings were very well attended. I am not sure how many visitors we had, but I really enjoyed the people and their eagerness to hear of Jesus. They became like my family. Several of the families have students in my class at the SDA school where I teach.

I have also done a meeting at the Novato and Rhonert Park church. I wish they had been better attended by the community, but the people who did come have continued to come and have been adopted by the local church. Several mentioned how these meeting helped strengthen their own spiritual lives. If we can create a spiritual revival in the local church, that will be a great blessing for the church.

I am presently beginning a series of meetings at the Sonoma church to both the Spanish and English church. We are all meeting together. I am praying for a revival within both churches and additional interests for the church.

I'd like to finish by saying that it is a personal blessing to share Jesus and His message to anyone who comes. We are living in the last days and there are people searching and seeking answers for the messed up world they see today. Use every opportunity to share the prophetic times in which we live. These meetings have caused me to be even more evangelistic with my own 5th & 6th graders in their Bible class.
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