A School with No Desks

June 29 2007 / ShareHim in Nicaragua-B, Jun. 15 - Jun. 30 '07 #154
by Cynthia Mengel

Personal Testimony of Cynthia Mengel.

I am a special education teacher. The church I was at in Nicaragua houses a school for two hundred students each day. The day of orientation we ate lunch in their classrooms. Many of the desks were broken and had no desktop to use for writing. They were made of very thin wood and some didn't even have backs. I asked about the desks and was told they had desktops but no screws to put them on with. I continued questioning and found out that the desktops they had were rotten. However, there was an abandoned school in a nearby village who wanted to sell their desks!

I went with the pastor and the principal of the school to see the desks. Even though they were well used themselves, they were in much better condition than what the church school presently had. I asked the principal if they were good enough and she replied with a hearty, "Oh, yes!" She had said they could use 20-30 desks. I had come with some extra money and was able to get all 30 of them at a very reasonable price. It was such a blessing to me to know that those students will have something to write on. The principal said, "God sent you!" I left with my heart filled with joy knowing what a blessing it is to be used by God.
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