Closer to God

July 15 2007 / ShareHim in Nicaragua-B, Jun. 15 - Jun. 30 '07 #160
by Arlain Hickman

Personal Testimony of Arlain Hickman.

I knew before I left for this campaign in Nicaragua with my two older children that I was in for a great blessing, but I had no idea how great of a blessing it was going to be for me! Spending time with God in the early mornings I could feel his presence in my life. I had the desire to spend time in His word and would spend sometimes three to four hours a day praying for my wife and eleven-month-old daughter at home.

Everyone on the campaign, the people from the community and the church where we had the privilege to preach, and the staff at the hotel were incredible! I made lifetime friends while on this trip. I believe with all of my heart that these people will be in Heaven with us, never to have to say goodbye again.

The biggest blessing is to have God in control of your life and bless you with the ability to preach his truth. We were in a country that has been torn by politics and uprisings for decades now. To know that we impacted the lives of over 400 people is an amazing miracle…one of many we experienced. My two children are closer to me, and next year I will bring my wife and 22-month-old daughter with me because I don't want them to miss out on the blessing I was given. I know that we can do great works when we place our lives in God's hands.

No more excuses. You are not too old, to young, or too busy. As far as finances go, that is God's problem, and he makes Bill Gates look like a pauper! Jesus gave us a clear commission, and it started with the word “GO!”
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