Honduras Report

July 16 2007 / ShareHim in Honduras, May. 25 - Jun. 9 '07 #164
by L. Sherilyn Samaan

Personal Testimony of L. Sherilyn Samaan.

Our experience in Choluteca and the surrounding villages has been a wonderful one. Not only have many of the members of our team lost their fear of public speaking, but they have also improved their Spanish. Of course, each one of us has grown much spiritually as a result of this endeavor. Each of the pastors worked very hard to organize the meetings and ensure that everything went smoothly from night to night. They were very gracious in trying to accommodate our needs and wants.

Our team members were active in witnessing and sharing with the staff members at the hotel where we stayed. Some of them asked questions and showed an interest in our presentations. Some even attended our meetings!

The projection is for a total of 125 souls to be added to our ranks through baptism. We are very thankful to God for this opportunity to share with others the message of salvation, and for each of us to experience what it means to be grounded in our Advent message.
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