Sharing Through Health Messages

July 16 2007 / ShareHim in Nicaragua-B, Jun. 15 - Jun. 30 '07 #165
by Cynthia Mengel

Campaign Site Narrative from Iglesia Mosneñor Lezcano, Managua, Nicaragua in Nicaragua-B. The speaker assigned to this site was Lorraine Hansen.

Each night of the campaign, I presented health lectures. It was such a blessing to relate these topics to the Bible as I was able to point to scripture and explain that our bodies are the Temple of God! Some topics were very general, such as natural remedies. Others were much more specific, such as a series on AIDS and another on the effects of smoking and how to quit. The people wanted answers to questions on health related topics. I actually had more people thank me for giving the series on AIDS than any other topic. All the messages were well accepted, and many people thanked me for sharing them.
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