From a Broken Bicycle to Baptism

July 16 2007 / ShareHim in Uganda A, May. 25 - Jun. 9 '07 #166
by Cestmir Stovicek

Personal Testimony of Cestmir Stovicek.

During our campaign in Mbarara, Uganda, we often walked to the center of town to buy souvenirs and check emails. One day, in the second week of our series, we were returning back to the hotel when a young man joined us and started talking to me. He had a bicycle and it was obvious that its back tire was damaged. We talked for a while about different things and I told him what we are doing in Mbarara and where my site was. Finally he asked for financial help for fixing his broken bicycle.

We gave him some money and I invited him to attend the meetings at my site because it was the nearest place for him. But I was a little bit skeptical about his coming to the meetings. I thought, He got some money and he will not show up again. But praise God, I was wrong. He came several times and listened, and on Sabbath he decided to be baptized. He got acquainted with the church members, and I hope that he is now growing in knowing Jesus and His truth.

I really enjoyed being in a different culture trying to grasp their way of life and thinking. It was a real blessing to me, and I thank our heavenly Father for this opportunity to preach the Gospel in Uganda.
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