Amazing Response to the Gospel!

August 10 2007 / ShareHim in Tanzania B, Jul. 13 - Jul. 28 '07 #179
by Darren Greenfield

Campaign Site Narrative from Miembeni, Bunda in Tanzania B. The speaker assigned to this site was Darren Greenfield.

Praise the Lord that in Miembeni 140 souls were baptized! This was a result of a great team effort starting with the ShareHim leadership down to the local church that hosted the meetings.

Faithful members were there early every night. Each night 200 to 300 children attended in addition to the 500 to 700 adults. The site was set up with the loud speakers facing the community, and there was a large screen right next to the road on which we showed The Jesus Film and the PowerPoint presentations.

Many people came asking for prayer, most of them for healing from disease. I read to the people from the book of James about anointing for healing and then shared with them how to prepare for this. In the following days we anointed roughly 60 people. A number came back with big smiles reporting that they had been healed. I believe this only confirmed the truth of God's word and led to the many decisions that were made.
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