Miracles in Mexico

August 13 2007 / ShareHim in Mexico-South, Jul. 13 - Jul. 28 '07 #180
by Fabian Remke

Campaign Site Narrative from Region 237, Cancun in Mexico-South. The speaker assigned to this site was Fabian Remke.

On Tuesday of the first week of the campaign, we were waiting for visitors but they didn’t come. I preached for the church members, and we prayed to the Lord, “You know we aren’t doing this for us, but for You.” The next evening there were around 20 visitors!

In the second week of the campaign, my translator fell down some steps and couldn't walk. This was a big problem since there were not many English speakers available. The next evening my translator came to the meeting, despite being in severe pain. That night she sat on a chair with a pillow. The next night, however, the pillow was gone. She tried sitting on the chair, but finally attempted to stand. By a miracle of God she was able to stand and continue translating and very soon she was able to walk again.
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