God's Panoramic View

August 19 2007 / ShareHim in Nicaragua-B, Jun. 15 - Jun. 30 '07 #184
by Andrew Moren

Personal Testimony of Andrew Moren.

“I’ll do it,” Michael stated as he stared at me. I was disappointed because my faithful and skilled translator, Eddy, would not be able to translate for me the following Monday. During the past few days in Quezalguaque, I had preached sermons and gotten to know a few of the local townsfolk. It was a relief that at least a couple people knew a few words of English, so that when I contributed my “Spanglish,” we could communicate on a primitive level. Besides Eddy, however, the only other person I could engage in conversation was Michael. Over the course of a few days, I found that Michael’s knowledge of English was very limited. We both needed to slow our speech and restrict it to significant words and phrases.

“I’ll do it Andrew. Don’t worry, I study.” All evangelists had backup translators, although I remained skeptical. Michael, however, possessed unwavering confidence as he spoke to me. This caused me to hesitate. I decided that he would study and be on hand in case something occurred and the backup translator was unable to make it.
The Devil works extremely hard when he sees the workings of Christ around him. I was not sure if I should have embarked on this journey, or even if I was qualified. I had preached a few sermons but could not be certain I was effectively reaching the congregation. Monday came, and Satan smiled. I arrived at my church to find no translator. Hoping he was simply late, I proceeded to set up my laptop and projector early. This would allow the translator to briefly review my sermon and make sure everything was clear. The Prince of Darkness flashed his teeth in a nasty grin as I realized to my horror that the computer I was staring at was not my own but my fellow evangelist’s, who was currently en route to the next town where she preached. I had grabbed the wrong bag! Panic and embarrassment made my chest heavy as they flooded in.

I realized Michael was there and ready to help. We hurried down the street to call the driver whose car possessed my computer. No answer. The worship service started. We borrowed bikes and road across town to the driver’s house so we could call him from his wife’s cell phone. No answer. We returned the bikes and then walked back tardy. The Devil was laughing. I took a taxi with the elder to the next town, found the church there and swapped computers with the evangelist who had mine.

Returning to my church I encountered our next roadblock. The translator had never come. I had a small feeling in the back of my head that everything was going to be okay. God had been with me through this evening. Things would work out. I began thinking about Michael and if it was possible to accomplish the sermon that night. I set up the equipment. The elder began the “welcome.”

Michael shook my hand as he sat next to me with a smile.

“Are you ready?” he asked steadily.

“Pray for us now.” I responded as my faith shook.

As the elder was finishing up, I looked over at Michael and reviewed the events of the evening. I prayed. I saw at that moment before we were summoned to the podium that God was with us. My faith soared. I knew everything was all right. I prayed that the Lord would still reveal His message to the listeners even though our skills were insufficient. I felt the Holy Spirit with me. I smiled back at Michael.

We approached the podium and I readied the equipment. Mike in hand I looked at Michael one more time and we nodded to each other. I then faced the audience and opened with:

“I bet not one of you knows what will take place one thousand years from now.”

There was a pause…

Michael motioned for me to repeat my statement. I was confident but knew I would need to talk simpler. I skipped forward a few slides and said slowly, “Tonight, we will talk about the MILLENIUM.”

Another pause…

“Uhhh, I’m sorry. Can you repeat again?”

The audience began to murmur and my chest felt heavier. My faith slipped out and fell through the floor.

We didn’t preach the sermon that night. The elder finished it as I sat back down confused, surprised, and frustrated. Why had God not followed through? I felt Him with me, right up to the shining moment, the pinnacle that everything pointed to, the preaching of His message.

God showed me later that night that it was not all in vain. There was a lesson, but that lesson was for me. I reflected on how Michael had reacted to everything. From the beginning he was ready to help, ready to jump in and work for the Lord. He was obviously aware of his skill level in English, but to him it mattered not. He did not waiver. Surrounded by doubt he was steadfast and eager to apply himself to do whatever needed to be done for Jesus. I was the hesitant one, doubtful about the campaign. One of the main reasons I considered it was that I would have a translator between me and the audience.

Yet, when things looked bad my faith teetered like a metronome. Michael taught me about courage for God. I knew what the problem was and what miracle needed to be performed. In my limited perception, I was sure what God should do. But the all-loving, all-powerful, and all-knowing God possesses a panoramic view of space, time, life, and all things. He showed me through Michael the great faith and courage of a Christian for which I now strive.
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