God Has Called Us

August 27 2007 / ShareHim in Honduras, May. 25 - Jun. 9 '07 #186
by Jennifer Espinoza

Personal Testimony of Jennifer Espinoza.

I am Jennifer Espinoza, a junior at Southern Adventist University. I would like to share with you the experience I had going to Honduras on a missionary trip.

The experience I had was immeasurable. I had the opportunity to preach for the first time. I could not imagine what God had in store for me; he had planned everything according to his will. I would have never thought how God could use me to serve him. When I thought I was helping others to get closer to God, I realized that I was the one God was blessing and drawing me closer to him.

Two experiences I had that I will never forget were when I had to preach the prophecy of Daniel. I had prepared for the sermon, but I felt like I did not know how to explain it. I was stressed and scared, but God never lets his children down. Just when I thought I was not going to be understood, the opposite occurred; I got good feedback from my church members saying that it was one of the best sermons that they had heard me preach. I was shocked to see how the results came out not only because they understood me, but I was able to understand it better myself. I truly felt that it wasn’t me talking, but God was guiding me. The second experience that I had was preaching to my Uncle that I hadn’t seen for over 16 years. He had traveled from El Salvador to Honduras to hear me preach. He is not Adventist, but he was able to learn more about God and he truly enjoyed it.

When I thought that I couldn’t be used by God, he proved me wrong. Twenty-three people were baptized at the end of the campaign at my church. It was an overwhelming experience that I would encourage others to experience. This missionary trip has given me the ability to see my spiritual talents, take leadership in working for God, and has given me the desire to continue to work for him. Something I came to understand better is that when God calls his children, we should be available to do what we were called to do, because God does it so that he can bless us, and draw us closer to him.
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