New member overcomes fear

September 4 2007 / ShareHim in Kalispell #190
by Tom Glatts

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Tom Glatts.

The Share Him meetings were a great opportunity for our members who were new in the faith or just needed to share Christ with others. Gary Beck had never spoken publicly before these meetings. Spurred on by the Holy Spirit and the promptings of others, Gary was able to share two messages on the State of the Dead and the Lake of Fire. These two subjects were especially meaningful because they had given Gary a much better picture of who God is.
David Hamm overcame his learning disabilities by practicing his sermons up to ten times each. The group in attendance was proud of him and gave him encouragement to continue in this ministry.
David’s Mother Sabrina revealed gifts in speaking that surprised many. There was a natural flow to her speaking that has now encouraged her to work for her native americans in the Browning area. She and David plan to practice and work toward meeting on the Blackfoot reservation.
Rob Weidemann spoke on a Sabbath morning and plans to hold his own series in Alaska this January.
About eight nonmembers attended with one baptism scheduled for September. Follow up work continues.
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