A Friendly Approach Leads to Baptisms in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

September 18 2007 / ShareHim in Prince Albert #206
by Jill Weeks

Campaign Site Narrative from Prince Albert SDA Church, Prince Albert. The speaker assigned to this site was Dean Ethier.

The evangelism team of the Prince Albert Seventh-day Adventist Church chose to keep the workload light for their fifty-member church when they conducted a lay-led evangelistic series in April 2007. Their goal was to hold an exciting and meaningful reaping event while not overwhelming their membership.

The program was kept simple. A church member began each meeting with a welcome and a preview of the night’s program. Next came a small raffle for books and similar gifts. After the gifts, the church showed a portion of The JESUS Film, followed by the sermon.

Dean Ethier, who is employed at a local convenience, was the main speaker for the series. He was assisted by Ronald Liebreich. Dean joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church about two years ago, and his commitment to bringing others to Christ was made evident in his interactions with those coming to the meetings. Each night, the church gathered together after the message to socialize. They served tea, hot chocolate, and pastries and visited for about an hour with those who were attending the meetings.

As a result of the series, one person was baptized and three others have requested baptism. Let us praise God for what He can do with a church that is friendly and willing to be used by Him!
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