God is Glorified in our Weaknesses

June 19 2006 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, May. 26 - Jun. 10 '06 #21
by Brittany Blankenship

Personal Testimony of Brittany Blankenship.

When I signed up for the Dominican Republic, I was not prepared at all for the adventure that awaited me. In the first place, I'm not a very good public speaker. Doing anything up front makes me so nervous my palms get clammy and my knees tremble. By myself, there’s no way I could ever do what I did. That’s why God is so amazing!

Let me tell you what I learned. The God we serve works through our weaknesses to accomplish His work, so through our weaknesses and trembling, God is glorified!
I didn’t have to be a good speaker; I just had to be willing to go and let Him speak through me. I didn’t have to be an incredible leader; I just had to let Him lead me. I didn’t have to know a lot, even about what I was preaching; I just had to be willing to learn and then to teach what I learned.

The first night of my campaign, Friday night, I experienced the greatest thrill of my life: the thrill of falling into the hands of the Lord and letting Him take control. Every night after that was simply continuing to let myself fall into His care and His plan. He never let me down.

When the devil fought hard with rain, mosquitoes, sickness, and computer difficulties, God was glorified. He was glorified because no matter what happened, He made it work for His purpose even better than our best laid plans.
Our God has promised us that He will take care of us and give us the words to say, and He is able to accomplish that which He has promised.

He wants to spread the good news to every corner of the world more than we do, and He wants to use us to do it! I experienced first hand the promises of the Lord fulfilled. He took me, an 18-year-old English major, and used me for His purpose and His glory. If He can do that for me, He can do that for anyone. Glory to God!
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