Not Because of Who I Am

September 18 2007 / ShareHim in Togo, Aug. 17 - Sep. 1 '07 #210
by Bilyana Stoykova

Personal Testimony of Bilyana Stoykova.

I had never thought I could preach in front of people. The very thought was scary. I felt as if I did not have much to share with others as far as my faith was concerned.
But as I heard stories from people who had gone as speakers or missionaries to Africa and they shared how they themselves felt unable to do anything but God still used them and did miracles through them, I decided to give it a try.

I want to thank God for helping me make the decision to go to Togo with Share Him. I really wanted to experience Him more personally and get to know Him better. It’s always been hard for me to share my faith with others, being raised in an Adventist family and myself being 4th generation Adventist with my father being a pastor. I was not prepared, nor did I feel worthy to go since my spiritual life was far from good. But I said, "Jesus, I want You to use me. If You want to do something for me and through me, it is Your turn. I can’t do anything myself."

The sermons I had to preach, I preached them to myself. Despite the mosquitos, frogs, heat and computer problems, I saw God working in a powerful way, not because it was me preaching but because it was His work. I’ll never forget the love of the African children and the local people who just made me feel better than at home.
I cannot forget, on the other hand, the suffering, poverty, misery I saw there. It showed me that this earth is not our home. Now, walking through the streets of Bonn, Germany, I cannot stop thinking about Africa. The contrast is striking.

Jesus, help us never forget why we are here and teach us how to share You with others, no matter where we are.
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