An Uplifting Mission Experience

September 19 2007 / ShareHim in Kenya D, Aug. 24 - Sep. 8 '07 #211
by Charinette Dee Yleonor Lumanlan Guerrero

Personal Testimony of Charinette Dee Yleon Guerrero.

My experience at Eldoret-Kenya!!!!

My name is Charinette Dee Yleonor Lumanlan Guerrero. I am a member of Saint Helena Seventh Day Adventist church in Napa, California. I had recently graduated from Nursing school at Pacific Union College in Angwin,California. I am currently working at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital as a nurse for six months at the Medical/Surgical floor. I praise the Lord for giving me a job and letting me pass my board exam. I have been truly blessed.

During nursing school, I have been contemplating on becoming a missionary nurse. I wanted to help those who are in great need of medical assistance but are unable to pay for them. I wanted to go to third world countries, because this is the place that lack medical assistance. Many of my friends and family really admired the idea of me as a missionary nurse, but a few were still hesitant for me to go. I truly believed that if God wanted me as His instrument then He will certainly use me any which way He can.
Going to a Seventh Day Adventist school has opened my doors of opportunity in becoming a missionary. I have seen many students go to different places and do evangelist ministries. It gave me great joy that maybe I can do it, too. So, I had taken a world missions class from a retired professor, Dr. Ashworth. His enthusiasm in worshipping and working for the Lord gave me great inspiration. And the best thing is that he takes students on summer mission trips, so I had to inquire more about it. He had told me that he was going to take students to go Africa in the summer of 2007. I was so excited because I would be finished with nursing school before then, so is was plausible that I could go if the Lord lets me. I asked my mother about it and she was hesitant for me to go. She was very concerned about my safety, and I understand why she would be worried, like any other mother would. But I assured her, and also the Lord did as well, that if it is for His glory, He will keep me safe.

Before I got hired for my job at SRMH, I had already informed my boss that I will be going on a mission trip after six months of working and that it was a set plan. My boss was very supportive of me going. I was so pleased that my boss helped me work out my schedule. I praise God for all of His blessings to me and my family. Before all of this planning began, I was still studying for my board exam. I was a nervous wreck because I did not know if I was going to pass my board exam. And remembering the story in the Bible about Hannah asking the Lord to grant her a child and giving the child to do the Lord’s service, I had that idea in mind, as well. I said to the Lord that if He let me pass my board exam, then I will let Him use me as an instrument to serve Him and share his words throughout the world. After finding out the results of my board exam, I was certain that God also wanted me to go to that mission trip and share his gospel. Even though I had a few hurdles on the way, like receiving my passport 3 days before leaving for my trip, I still thank the Lord for everything.

The name of my site was Mwanzo, Langas in Eldoret, Kenya. The group of people that was assigned to help me during the campaign were wonderful people. Elizabeth Wambui was my translator, Pastor Sikuku was the guest speaker also in charge of Bible studies for people who wanted to be baptized, and Jeya was the health speaker, Kenneth was in charge of music and technical work, Elder Sammy was the chairman, Elder Dominic Guthinui was in charge of transportation, and Joel was the technician and pianist.

For the first three or four nights, there was no light. The microphones were working, so I went on speaking even though they could not see me. Most of the people that attended were children and there were at least 100 children and 10 non-SDA adults. I was disappointed the first couple of nights. I did not know what to expect. I thought that there would be plenty of people that would come. My friends and Pastor Ashworth encourage me not to give up and that it will get better as time goes on. I knew it was all Satan’s doing but Jesus Christ always wins. So I strived very hard to work on my sermons because I felt that in order for the people to understand what I’m telling them, I too must know what I’m talking about and have passion in what I’m saying. I prayed for guidance from the Lord because without Him I am nothing.

On the fourth night, the topic was entitled Move Your Hand. It was such an empowering sermon, and even though there was no light again, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to continue speaking. That night I made call to those people who were willing to follow Jesus Christ. There were at least 5 or 6 people that approached the stage. And I remember when I was making that call, I also wanted to come and follow Jesus. I was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that my voice broke out into tears, I could not stop crying. I felt that no matter what Satan did, he cannot stop the people from coming to Jesus that night. Then I asked them again, that if they truly believe that Jesus Christ is the only one that can save them and if they are willing to accept Him then they should raise there hands for assurance. It was an uplifting experience. I was overwhelmed with joy. I walked down from the stage and hugged everyone that came forward. The funny thing was that I did not even recognize myself talking. The words that I spoke did not come from me—it was all from God. And I knew then that only the Holy Spirit can do all the miraculous work and that I’m just the lips and voice that He needed. When I went back to the hotel that night, I was smiling from ear to ear. I went straight to my room and prayed. I was praising God for all His good work. I wanted to talk about my experience to my friends but I was afraid that I might start bragging about it, so that was why I stayed in my room and just prayed to God for His many blessings.

From that day on, I just let the Holy Spirit speak through me. Satan of course was working overtime so that the word of the Lord won’t spread and almost every evening it was raining. During the day, it was sunny, but when afternoon hit, the clouds started to form and rain began. And there was this one rainy, cold night, I made another call to those who believe that Jesus is the only true God and Savior and that no matter what sins we have caused He is willing and just to forgive us our sins. Only one person came that night. When I made the call, he was shouting that he loved Jesus Christ and that he wants to be forgiven and be baptized. When he approached the stage I knew that he was drunk because of his body movement, so Pastor Sikuku approached him and prayed for him. As my sermon ended that night, I walked down the stage to greet the drunken man. I saw tears of remorse in his eyes. He said his name was Isaac and that he was Seventh-day Adventist but he had walked away from his faith. We prayed for him that night and thanked the Lord for guiding Isaac back to the Lord. We gave Him a card to fill out and asked him to return the card the following night. He told me that he wanted to change and that his friends and families had left him and that he was all alone. I replied and assured him that Jesus is always there for him even unto the end of times. It was so amazing to see these people give their lives back to Christ. Once again the Holy Spirit performed a miracle that night and I truly believed that the angels of heaven are rejoicing for that one soul that came back to Jesus that night. There were five people that were baptized at the end of the campaign meetings. I was really happy. I did not think that God would be angry that I only got five because He knows that each soul counts and matters.

Due to heavy rain almost every night, the attendance was low. Usually one to three adults and ten to twenty children came almost each night. There were at least three nights when I was not able to preach because no one came and because there was no electricity and it was raining hard. We prayed and sang songs of praise one night because five children and two adults were waiting for me that night. We sang for about thirty minutes that one night, just patiently waiting for electricity. It was half past nine when we left to go back to the hotel. I was with my colleague that night because her sight was also cancelled and so she wanted to see mine. Unfortunately, mine was cancelled, too.
I was a bit discouraged because I was already behind four sermons and it was almost the end of the campaign. I prayed and asked for guidance because I want to finish most of the sermons if not all. So with God’s help I asked the guest speaker if he could preach one sermon that last Thursday night of the campaign, and I could speak two sermons. So that I could just combine one sermon and I would still be able to catch up. In that one night, we preached three sermons. It was all the Holy Spirit’s doing. I did not want to give up, and I knew all along that the Holy Spirit gave me the courage and strength. My voice that night was fading away but still the Lord helped me through it. It was another uplifting experience. And I praised the Lord for the people that patiently stayed and listened for the sermons to be finished. The children were waiting quietly as well. The Holy Spirit was working again that night. We asked the Lord to hold off on the rain until after the sermons were finished, and since God always answers prayers, He did just that. Just a few minutes after my sermon was finished, it started to rain. But at least God followed through and after that night, I was all caught up with my sermons for Friday and Saturday. It was an amazing feeling, especially when you feel enthused about spreading the word of God. The Holy Spirit just keeps encouraging you more and more!

Being with the people in Kenya gave me a sense of enthusiasm and excitement about the word of God because people there are hungry for it. I believe that while I was preaching those sermons each night, I realized how much I learned from those sermons. My walk with Jesus after this experience has changed. I do not want to be afraid about talking to others about God. I want to share His love to those who are willing to listen. The difference between the people in Africa versus America is that in America more people are skeptical about the word of the Lord, so it is hard to reach out them. But I believe that if I slowly show Jesus Christ through my actions and words then maybe they will be willing to listen. I want to show it to my family and friends first, then to my patients and co-workers in the hospital. I know that if the Holy Spirit starts working then it will grow however, there is always Satan who will work overtime, and I know that I cannot beat him alone. Only Jesus Christ can win my battles for me. I feel I need Jesus more and more everyday because every time I let go of Him my pathway in life curves up.

My evangelistic experience in Eldoret, Kenya was remarkable. I always have longed to see miracles and through my experiences, I saw plenty. I praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve Him. I know that I’m not a very good public speaker, but the Lord uses people in many ways. I cannot brag about myself because it was not my doing it is the entire Lord’s. I give praise and honor to Him and only Him. I hope and pray that my walk will with Jesus will grow stronger and stronger because I want to go to heaven and see Him. I pray that the Lord will grant me this opportunity again. It would be a great privilege to spread His words to His people.

Being a missionary does not mean you have to go to a remote area to serve the Lord because the most important place to serve is your home and your heart. Our theme song during the campaign was “Lord, prepare us to be missionaries, pure and holy, tried and true, with thanksgiving we’ll be your living missionary Lord for you.” This experience has been an epoch in my life. I plan to visit Kenya again maybe within two or three years. My site has started a Sabbath School, and they wanted to name it after me, but I told them that the best name for it would be Charity Sabbath School, and I pray that someday it will grow to be a Charity Seventh-day Adventist Church for Christ. Please pray that the seeds that were planted there will grow and multiply for Christ.
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