Agori Benin

June 22 2006 / ShareHim in Benin, Jun. 2 - Jun. 17 '06 #22
by Nathan Kennedy

Personal Testimony of Nathan Kennedy.

Agori, just outside of Cotonou, lies just away from the city. It was just the place for a long-legged westerner such as myself. God always knows what He is doing.

This site in particular was a challenge. The challenge was the broad range of educational backgrounds of the members and the visitors which they brought. So to present the sermons both for an intellectual as well as the simple made for a challenge that only God was able to meet.

There was a nurse, a true mother in Israel, who all the university students called mom and was extremely intelligent. There were those that were in school to become doctors of medicine, English teachers, American English teachers, and many other disciplines. These were very bright and witty.

Jules, a local medical student gave the health talks. Each of the college students spoke English very well and I was able to converse with them with little to no difficulty.

My translator quickly became a dear friend. His name is Fortune Agbachi. He is studying for his masters degree and is an English teacher for secondary school. His father is also an English teacher as well as the principal for another secondary school. I demanded a lot out of Fortune and he demanded a lot of me. We made a team of it and were able to deliver the message with power because it was bathed in prayer. Sadly, the last week of the meetings, he came down hard with the Malaria and had to be hospitalized. Another English major gladly stepped up the plate and did a beautiful job, my friend Gill.

Pastor Dotou is a truly a man of God. Jesus shines through this man ten times brighter than a lighthouse beacon. He was the pastor for the site as well as many others. From this man I learned much.

The unity the members possessed would be the envy of any church. They are a family. I am eternally grateful that I was accepted and welcomed into it. Thank You Father.
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